November 2nd, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

My Week and Good Places to Spend...

My math teacher had a death in the family. I feel sad for her and sad for me. For the rest of the term, I have to deal with a teacher who doesn't work in a style that fits me. My original math teacher was great. She was organized. She handed out a sheet with what was needed for each week. She explained things clearly and precisely. I was doing well. And she wasn't even really a math teacher until budget cuts. Some other students didn't like her. I did. Now I HAVE to find a math tutor with a quickness so I can keep up. The new teacher brings candy. She's going to give me cavities, but I won't be able to count how many. She doesn't explain things very well. *sigh* If I can't get the math down, this whole nursing thing may be a failed endeavor. I'm trying hard not to have the air completely leave my sails...

Now good news: I have the folks at work fooled. I was voted employee of the month. I got a certificate. I got a T-shirt. I get a $50 gift certificate. I have to decide where.

I got an e-mail back from Safeway. They're gonna chat with the District Manager about it. We have not set foot back there since. It's nice that they're bothering to follow up.

I also got a nice compliment on my smile from a girl in my nutrition class. She said my smile made her smile. What do you do after that? Frown? Not. We sat together on the bus and chatted a while. She called my name -- she sits way in the back and paid attention when the teacher called my name?! Outside of work, I haven't chatted with much of anyone. The Sicilian and Sugartits at work always have me rolling. They pay me to be there, though. It took me off guard. She was gorgeous. And TALL -- over six feet. She had a nose ring with a blue stone. She told me a bit about her life. She's also taking prerequisites to get in the nursing program. I hope we become friends. And I admit to having naughty thoughts about her to entertain myself for the rest of the bus ride.

Now. Some shouts out for my Minnesota Girls.

I pointed her shop out to mena_immortal. I figured I'd do it again here:
If you want some thoughtfully created fragrances (for men or women) go to MAGICKAL REALISM. A fabulous shop run by one of my lovely Minnesota ladies.

Ready for *more* adornment? How 'bout some One-of-a-kind BLING from SQUARE PEG CREATIONS? You know you've earned yourself a shiny somehow this week.

Art? Comics? Reading material? VAS Littlecrow Has you covered.

You ready to check out a film afer that? Look to my friend Ayesha at Imaginary Worlds Media

Repost the above links in your own journals, would ya'? These women are strong and talented and dang it their stuff is worth the money. How often can you say that?

Now, back to fantasies of ladies with legs longer than my entire body. You folks have a nice evening for me, okay?

Coffee Squirrel

About what I expected... When I'm not mumling that is...

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