October 28th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Catching Up

So. After a rude awakening, I am finally sort of ahead of the game. I have a bit more reading to do in psychology. I have to be sure my Math is all done. I have a 500 word nothing to do for Contemporary Moral Issues. Then I'm done.

I have started filling out my organizer with what needs to be done when. While I don't always do it at the times I have listed, at least it's getting done for the most part.

I have even written in time to do a page or two a day on my personal writing. I have more time than I thought I did. Especially since I haven't turned on the TV in a while. It's actually comforting to get some school stuff done and have time to do some reading on my own. The last time I had it on was to watch Three...Extreme, which arrived a few days ago from Netflix. Wow. Some really disgusting stuff in there. And the second story confused me at the end. I didn't quiet understand the kid wanting revenge and couldn't figure out...Well. No spoilers in case those who have a high tolerance for nastiness and blood want to check it out. Finally, a book: Not Buying It. Don't buy this book. Get it from the library. *shrug* Or buy it. It's about consumerism and one woman and her live-in guy's decision not to buy anything other than necessities for a whole year. Hilarity ensues as they decide what is necessary, resist temptation as they are on their way to get what they need. Find free ways to kill time, etc. Some of it is rant-y, but it is FUNNY so far and is making me consider doing a similar experiment this coming New Year's. I'm certain the lady at McDonald's will miss me.

Well, back to it (homework, that is).

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