October 20th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Cool ritual. See you on the 5th!

May sound cheesy, but anything to refocus and get folks together:

If you oppose tyranny and value freedom, and if you wish to take part in a ritual that will return freedom to the United States, while banishing tyranny from its borders, please click HERE.

Spread the word, before it is too late. Post it on your journal. E-mail the link to friends. Get the word out however you can. Everyone who may want to participate should be made aware as soon as possible.

At the stroke of midnight on the Fifth of November, Justice returns to our great nation. May she stay long.
Coffee Squirrel

Oh, NO, see --

I had just finished posting the V thing to some other communities just for fun. Eric walked in and said that he had to go to a different store to buy his beer because the people at our local SAFEWAY said he was under the influence and shaking. First off: while Eric is an admitted alcoholic, he had not had a drop of beer yet today. Second: Eric has social anxieties and *does* shake sometimes. Should all people who shake or move differently or don't smell as pretty as you be denied the right to buy products? Third: Eric does not have a driver's license, so they wouldn't be liable as if he were driving. Finally: even if he *were* buying alcohol in the middle of the day, he did not insult the woman, he was coherent and had his own money to pay like everyone else in the store. He asked for management. She said: "That would be me". So he left the store and bought his beer elsewhere. He asked if I'd go back to the store with him. I smiled. I had been pent up for a while and looking for an outlet.

See, when I get mad -- not just frustrated or annoyed but ANGRY -- I don't get hot. I get cold. I've had witnesses to this. My temperature drops several degrees. I get tunnel vision. I get high. I am normally soft-spoken. I'm a mumbler by nature, just not when I'm angry. I get clear. My words are very precise. When I annunciate, you should worry...

We walked back over. I told Eric if we have to go to the higher end Market of Choice, we will. We went to the service desk and talked to the Customer Service guy there. After asking for the manager and being told that she was still on a register and he didn't know when she would have time to talk to us. They must have high employee turnover there. Shocking. I explained the whole situation to him and left our information. I'm not one to easily let things go once I get sink my teeth in. If the manager chick or someone from regional doesn't call me by Tuesday as promised, I'm taking it to the next level. And I may get NAMI involved if I have to. Eric's concerned that he told me about it. LOL! "What's going to come of it anyway?" The Customer Service guy asked that same question: "I don't know what you would have us do. It's at the cashier's discretion, blah-blah-blah." Don't call me back by Tuesday. I'll *show* you what I would like to have happen. I may indeed be making something out of nothing, but I've got homework to do, housecleaning to do and they just plain picked the wrong day. It's on now...