October 13th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Film Festival

Those of you in Eugene, what were you up to the night of 10/13/06? Nothing? Too drunk to remember? Well, I wish you had been with me. I was at DIVA. It was the opening night of their NIGHT GALLERY FILM FESTIVAL. You'll never guess who made an appearance: VIGGO MORTENSEN! Yes, he made a guest appearance in As Smart as They Are a great little documentary about a collaborative musical group, One Ring Zero that works with authors to create songs. Yes, lovely Viggo is an author as well. You also missed a fascinating take on the affect of a new woman in town on a small New Zealand village in a film called Luella Miller.

Don't feel bad. There are more movies to see tomorrow! Including: When I Find Bin Laden, A drama about meth addiction. And you also get to VOTE. The film that receives the most positive reviews moves the the HNL -- (W)hole. Nutha. Level. That film moves on to Hollywood and possibly even to the point of being reviewed by Mr. Stephen Speilberg himself. It's well worth the $5.

And if you can't come, DIVA is ALWAYS looking for people to help out in other ways. Support the arts. Meet your neighbors. Put off doing your homework. Get out of the house. See local art. See hot men and women on film...