October 6th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Internet Woes

So yeah. I got my computer. I got my DSL set up. Now I'm trying to get support stuffies so that I can chat on my G-mail. And my Internet Explorer doesn't know what to do with it. I've still got a ton of homework. The place is a mess.

And: the lady at the McDonald's across the street KNOWS ME BY MY FIRST NAME! The madness must end. Damn crack-laced fries! I'm such an emotional eater. I am writing this here in the hopes that I'll be humiliated enough not to get fries for at least a week. I have a high tolerance for humiliation, though, so I'll probably take the spare change from the can and get some tomorrow. Someone stop me! LOL!

I have forgotten for a week to mail off money for a painting. I feel horrible. I am determined that tonight, I'll finally start using the free organizer I got from the school. I'll write down the dates of everything. It's a start.

Then, I have the flier design for the reading group but haven't created it yet. I think it would help if I had others to be accountable to. Eric's tolerance level for filth is even higher than mine. He cleans the kitchen when he's about to cook. Then it's filthy again. I am looking for that organizer for cleaning that I printed off from the Clorox website. Must start following it as I have less and less time to do stuff. I'll have to figure out WHEN. Then have Eric do what I cannot.

On another note, I've had exchanges that have made me giddy. Happy. I'm happy for one of my friends. He's in a good place and it makes me smile. I got an American Express card. I'm hoping I won't abuse it. I have only one payment left for my debt consolidation. Then all that's left are some last medical bills from Minnesota and my sudent loans (which will be there a while). I'm getting to a good place myself.

All in all, I'm on the positive side. I'm looking forward to things. Maybe I can go get fries when that lady isn't there...

Loving you all!