August 18th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

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A few shouts out today:

To my anarchist friend in Isreal: Glad you are safe, Doreen. Keep the faith.

To my girl Ayesha in Minnesota: Keep the films coming!

Thank you again, recumbentgoat! For this. You are a font of wisdom and info. My mom says we got some Seminole in our blood.

Thank you, cerulean_scars for this. It made me mad. The arrogance of tying strings to help for something like this disease is in itself sickening.

I hope these links work. Not much time left on this computer.

Oh, to my parent-y friends in Minnesota or to people who want clothes or gifts for their nieces or nephews: The store I worked at is going out of business. I think the address is 641 S Snelling in Sait Paul. It's next to a Cleaners. You'll find it. It's called "Giraffes and Unicorns". They had this great Betsey Johnson snowsuit for two-year-old for only $50! I hope you make it there before she's done. One good turn deserves another. The owner helped me out...

By the way: I am now a registered student. Full time. Yeah. I think I'll vomit from nervousness now. Yet I can't wait. School starts the end of September...