July 27th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Books, Change, More freakin' L Word

So. Just in case it seems that I ONLY watch TV, I have read a couple books in the past two days. I'll give a shout out to both:

"Towelhead" by Alicia Erian
"Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman

Both came to me at the right time. I chose "Towelhead" because I've got serious reflexive issues I've been dealing with. I use fiction, sometimes, to move beyond things. The book is set in 1991. It's a coming of age story but it has the added feature of dealing with the prejudices of others during war-time (uh, for those w/short memories: this was during "Get Saddam I: the Prequel"). The protagonist is thirteen and she is half-Lebanese. Of course, if you are Arab it doesn't matter if you're Lebanese, Palestinian or Jordanian. If you're in the middle of Texas during an American involvement in the Middle East, you were a Towelhead. Her dad is Coptic (Christian) and is baffled that folks think he loves Saddam. He refuses to correct them, though. There are some funny and harrowing moments. Makes me glad I wasn't a teen in the 90's. The 80's were a good time to be a teen...

"Anansi Boys" came at a good time, too. I was feeling really disturbed by spiders. There are always webs outside my front door. Out on the back patio there are more. I was waiting to see William Shatner. Then I would run, knowing that the Kingdom of Spiders was nigh. Spiders and snails are everywhere. At any rate, this was fun and breezy and I talked to a spider or two after I read it.

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