July 11th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Thrive rather than endure

Okay. I think it comes down to this: I've seen myself my whole life as a person of incredible endurance. I can take almost anything for almost indefinite amounts of time. I never planned because I figured I could take what came along. I have to rethink this. This attitude made me the guest star of my own life.

I am making small and big plans. And some of them are HAPPENING! I'm working on not scaring myself back into the survival or endurance mode. I made it here with planning -- not all of it was the best planning but I'm here and that's where I've wanted to be. So there. It does help to use a trick my aunt suggested: when you're learning to trust yourself, only share when you've got the finished product.

I'll break that rule here. I'm starting a Pagan Reading Group and would like suggestions for useful books. It's going to be about learning, and there won't ONLY be Pagan material. I've posted and got some responses, so I'm not asking for ideas so I can ruin it before it happens. It will happen. I'm just looking for additions to my short list:

1. Principia Discordia

2. The History of God

3. Prime Chaos

4. What Jesus Meant

I want to get to 15 books on the list to start. I'll listen to all suggestions. Thanks!