June 5th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

I got a nudge!

I'm sorry I haven't had time to check my own or other folks' journals of late.

On the movie front: I watched Reykiavik 101 (I know, I didn't spell the city name right. You know what I mean, though). I like Icelandic films. This one was hilarious. No time to link-y you. Google it. Netflix it. It's worth it, I think.

In other entertainment: I don't have cable, so I'm late on this -- I got the first discs of the first season of The L Word. Very funny. I put it on. Eric was dubious. He jokingly said: "What?! It's about lesbians? You should have told me!" And he jokingly sat down and leaned toward the TV. Then he laughed and went out for a cigarette as I watched. He came back in, though, and was actually liking the story. As I was. We are both smitten with Shane. And we're both annoyed with Jenny 'coz she's got no balls.

I got an idea for a screenplay and actually hit the keys at home. It was nice. I'm at the library researching for it. I have to call all of my Temp Agencies and get some work. I worked at a charity for a week. I am no good at calling people and asking for money. I just don't handle that well. Especially when we had a script and had to sound cheery and ask people if they have 'big hearts'. *shudder* I was disappointed at the news that they didn't want me back. But I also laughed. That place sucked so much ass. It just means I'm on the hunt again. I really do feel I'll get the job at the library. I know it takes time for them to get back to ya'. Until then, All five of the temp agencies I'm with will be hearing from me. Daily. Until I get a job.

With all this time on my hands, I am also going to do some looking at books on helping with personal finaces. Being broke sucks. This is especially true if being broke can be prevented by curbing impulse buy habits.

I'm certain I'm boring you. I'll get going. Keep sending that good mojo for the job hunt. Take care, everyone!