April 27th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Podcasting, city_of_dis, Lack of Technology

Good Morning, Everybody! (Hi, Lula-Neith!)

Eric and I have always been behind the times. I didn't get a DVD player until about a year or two ago. Eric still makes cassette tapes for people. He found a CD burner while dumpster diving. It worked for a bit. Then it stopped. So he's back to cassette tapes. I myself waited years to get a VCR and was loathe to move on to DVD. It's how I am. I know you, lovely readers, probably each has an iPod or two. Don't you?

This is *fabulous*. Why? Because city_of_dis has made his foray into Podcasting! What exciting times you live in, children! Here is an entry he made with links to his broadcasts. Mature audiences only! Enjoy, kids! In five years, when I finally have an iPod and everyone else has moved on to bigger and better, city_of_dis will still be funny, smart and timely.

Make it a great day, Babies. Try to enjoy the daylight!

-Your loving Lula