April 25th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Big Love

Just an interlude between getting things done for the move. Has anyone seen Big Love? I have not, as I don't have cable. I'm looking forward to seeing the first season come out on DVD, though. I'm intrigued by the concept and how they might handle the notion of polygamy.

I feel it should be legal as there would be less opportunity to take advantage. The onus on providing and arranging for things would fall on the family rather than a lot of women getting assistance because they are technically single mothers. This is where my deeply hidden inner conservative comes out. I said conservative, not right-wing religious nutjob. Conservative in that (again) I don't feel the government should have anything to say about how people bond themselves together. I think that if polygamy were legal, societal pressure might take care of those creepy men in small sects that use polygamy to marry younger and younger women and bring a bad name to Utah.

I also have a more personal stake in this as well, being that Eric and I are bonded in many ways -- just not sexually. And if I find someone else willing to endure the minutiae, who likes Eric and willing to have sex with me. Well. I'd have to find a way to work them into my life legally, too. I'm doing what I can to include Eric legally without having my earnings count against him. Is this cheating...?

So, yeah:

Polygamy (legal) v.s. or AND polyamory?
Legal ties without marriage?


Come to family_too and share your thoughts.

**EDIT: Just for clarification, I am not pro or against poly anything. There are those who believe that if I did find someone, it wouldn't be polyamory because I don't have sex with Eric. There are so many different ways of living. And that's the point. I just think the Right feels it has a foothold in how people relate and frankly I'm tired of the Left and its silence on family and the ethics of relating one on one or in families or in groups rather than just for the 'CAUSE'. I just feel it needs discussing if we're going to allow folks who 'represent' us to LEGISLATE on things like this, you know? Apologies for having the comments locked here. I wasn't thinking and should have been more sensitive to those who might have wanted to discuss this only in my own journal. I'm sorry. This wasn't meant as an attack on anyone. I just think it's something that needs to be discussed if we're going to let politicians have a say in it. That is all.