April 13th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Who's your family?

I have no issues with ordinances that provide for the safety of those living in a community. What angers me more than anything is a 'moral' decision coming down from on high designed to be exclusionary. Who a person lives with and loves should not be a deciding factor as to whether they are afforded the right to live in a place. Particularly a place like our nation, who's binding 'contract' -- the Constitution -- is so clear on it.

I think dignity is important. And I'd like the dignity of deciding, while I can, how I live, who I want to live with, how I'd like things done when I'm dead. I think while I'm on the plane this weekend, I'll do some letter-writing to politicians. Keep my hate sharp, y'know?

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Coffee Squirrel

You ARE the traffic!

I have been seeing this CUTE little car at the 46th Street Transit Station for over a month. There was a day when they gave out flyers and coffee and a piece of Danish. Mmmmm... And, were I staying here in the Twin Cities, that car could have been MINE. MINE! And yours, too! Car sharing, people!

There are set drop off and pick up places. On the off-hours you can use it for ridiculously cheap prices. I really do wish I could subscribe because I think it's a great idea. Instead, I figure I would spread the word! Why worry about insurance? Why worry about maintainence? Share a car!

It's not new. I'm just very excited about the idea reaching here at last! Here's info on the general idea and for HourCar, which is specific to the Twin Cities.

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Happy Travels!
Coffee Squirrel

Feelin' fine

I really have no idea what's led to this. I'm not used to the feeling. A mix of the steroids, testosterone and excitement about the trip. I feel all a-swagger today. I feel like power-tripping. I feel like telling my co-workers that I'm the only reason they have jobs -- my boss doesn't want to dump those bricks because I'm leaving and I'm one of the efficient ones (myself and the other competent lady). I want to use the truth to bludgeon. That's not good. So I've been quietly seething with potency.

I want to crush. Crush things and make them better. Why don't they bend to my will? I want to grab my supervisor and scratch an itch in a closet and make sure everyone hears. It's incongruous to be so small and (even if it's in my mind) have so much power. It makes me smile at everyone as if I'm a preying mantis. A small, cuddly preying mantis.

I'm at a 3/4 smile. That much closer to full use. I feel powerful. If it's the drugs I'll take what I can get. I'm set to lay down the law in Eugene this weekend. Now I need more money for the trip to Chicago at the end of the month... I have to see some folks before the coast. And, barring evil, common money issues, cerulean_scars, I'm happy to join you for a night out! Maybe I'll still be cranked up like this!

Man. I like it. Steroids rule!