April 8th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Short Update.

Just stepped out to Kinko's here to update. Eric doesn't cook on weekends. I don't cook ever. He's full of Arby's and went to sleep. The steroids have me restless, so I came to Macalester to use free internet. It was closed. I'm spending dough at Kinko's. Oh, well.

My face has more movement on the left side now! It's not complete, but it has me hopeful I'll leave the Twin Cities with a whole smile rather than a half.

Mark your calenders. Now's the time to put your money where your mouth is. If you can/want to help. If you aren't allergic to smoke (he'll be smoking outside, but it is a smoker's apartment). If you have the free time, show up Friday, 5 May to help me pack. I'll be there ALL DAY. I'll do it regardless, but more company would be nice. I could show you Sisu. I could say goodbye. I could treat you to something to nosh on. Just packing, I promise. Having people clean for me makes me nervous. The second packing day would be that following Sunday and Monday and Tuesday. All day again, back and forth to Sisu. Getting rid of stuff. Simplifying. I want this as easy on my brother as possible. All we'll have to do Wednesday morning is get the truck, load it, and make sure we do the walk-through with the managers before leaving.

I got my trip this coming weekend. I'll be going to Eugene to meet the manager of an apartment building in person. I will also be seeing other apartments. I know better than put all my bags in one basket.

I still have my eye patch. If my face is completely better, I'll give it to someone as a souvenier if anyone shows. If not, I'll take it with me. I'll be leaving a lot here. I've earned an eye patch.