April 3rd, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Sucks to be rich, white and have a sense of entitlement

I'm sorry. This pisses me off. This isn't even journalism! Got it from blackfolk. Read it and you tell me. Oh, poor kids getting 'stereotyped' because they set up a rape. Read closely where they gave the WRONG number of folks that were going to attend so that the Exotic Dancers Agency wouldn't send a security guard with her. They thought it was a bad enough neighborhood that no one would call the cops. They thought since she was a minority she wouldn't report it. The assholes RAPED A WOMAN. There is no call for this whiny, 'all rich white guys are sterotyped' crap. Bullshit is as bullshit does. I hope they are accidentally put in with the general population once a week their entire stay in prison. If they go to prison. Looks like mommy and daddy are trying to focus this on the character of the woman. As if that matters.
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