March 14th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

We have a go

T-minus 58 days (I think. I'm sort of ennumerate. You should have seen me at the calender: Oooone, twooo)


-Call Grampa Tony's to see if I can get back on the schedule for Saturdays and Sundays just for a month
-Get moving truck set.

*21 March:

-Dentist- I'm sick. I don't know anyone else who has their student dentist on speed dial on their cell. She's so cute.

-Taxes- Get my taxes done for free. See if really do owe. Here's hoping I don't. If I do, I'll have to pay it before August. I want my full renter's rebate. It'll be the last one I get, I guess.

*15 April:

-Find a really cheap flight to Eugene. Stay 'til Monday night. Secure an apartment by then.

*29 April:

-Hopefully get down to Chicago for a long weekend before I head to the West Coast.

*3 May:

-Last day at this job
-Call and arrange for folks to come on 10 May to look at the place before we leave.
-Call to cancel power and phone service after 10 May.

*4/5 May:

-Talk to volunteer coordinator at KFAI and see if I can watch a show being produced or help out in some other way. I want to be able to say I have experience (they don't have to know it was a couple hours)in a wide variety of things to broaden the scope (and hopefully the success) of my job hunt once I get there.

-Hold court at Sisu for those who can stop by.

-Call to arrange power and phone in Eugene so it will be okay when we arrive.

*6 or 7 May:

-Picnic? Small going away party of some sort.

*8 and 9 May:

-the packing. The joy.

*10 May:

-My brother arrives. Last good-bye for those who want to meet at Sisu. Again. Meet my brother, join the fun. See ya'

-Hopefully stay the night in a nice chain motel in C'oeur d'Alene Idaho. Then go on the next day to Eugene! Woo-hoo.

Those are the initial plans at least. I'm sure there'll be more minutea to deal with.

Coffee Squirrel

Doin' it for the kids

For the children are our future. Right? Right?

It turns out the high schoolers who filmed Eric now want to film me. Interesting.

We'll see how it goes. It turns out Eric's nephew is in the film class. This is the son of the sister who has no contact with him. Well. It's a little awkward for Eric, but I think he's handling it well. He's mad ethe filmmakers promise to warn his nephew and give him the option of leaving the room if it makes him uncomfy. His sister is a dumbass to have cut a decent person from her life. Oh, well.

Wish me luck with the film. Best, all!
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