March 12th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Black Love

I really, really enjoyed Dave Chappelle's Block Party. I recommend it to anyone. And recumbentgoat, I DO want a CSU shirt now. Some of my favorite moments in the film:

The crazy couple who own the Broken Angel.

Jill Scott and Erykah Badu on stage together (melt). If anyone could get me into girls, it's Jill Scott. I just love seeing her watch Erykah from back stage and saying: "She's got her thing, nothing I do could compare to that. And I've got my thing: nothing she does can compare to that." They ask her if she's nervous. She looks them dead in the eye and says: "Have you seen me perform?" LOL! Just dead! And she backs it UP!

I think Mos Def is adorable, with those dimples. And I would have trouble, were I there in person, stopping myself from ripping Common's clothes off with my teeth. Mmmmm.

Fugee reunion! So nice!

Dave Chappelle is such a mensch. I love him. And what he said is right: "You can't sell *every* side of yourself." He doesn't owe anyone anything. I hope he keeps doing it on his own terms.

So, today is the one year anniversary of my brother's death. My mom doesn't sound too good, but who would? She didn't go today, after months of going everyday after work. Makes sense to me. It's harder today, on the day he died.

And on a brighter note, it's rocketllama's birthday! I love that: good and bad at the same time. Bittersweet. That's my thing.

My brother's supposed to call me and put me on speaker phone when he takes my brother's son to the gravesite, so I better get home soon. Will edit this with more links later. I'm at the library and have limited time.

I'll also check out bypoison to see the trailer, recumbentgoat! I can't wait! I'll do it tomorrow at work. I'll also post a piece of erotica that I worked on. 1,000 words. Don't worry. I'll warn everyone and I'll cut it.

Take care one and all.