March 10th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

The Five Obstructions

I finally watched The Five Obstructions. I loved it. I already enjoy being emotionally battered by Lars von Trier sometimes. This movie was something, though.

Lars gets ahold of his mentor and idol, Jorgen Leth and has him jump through some cinematic hoops with his pivotal film, The Perfect Human. I was most amused at the fourth obstruction. I was talking at the screen: "No, Lars, don't hurt him!" Then I thought it was appropriate because if I met some of the people who inspire me, I'd want to put them to the test.

Some might find it slow, but I found it suspenseful and FUNNY at many points. Lars von Trier is a magnificent bastard. And Jorgen Leth was so patient. Especially interesting if you are cinematic on any level, even just in thought. I would think that those who have experience with filmmaking would get even more out of it.

That's my movie rental suggestion for this weekend. Do it.