March 5th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Excited. And yet....

My sister has given her information to the loan people. I'm waiting to hear back. I'm also waiting for results from health-related test. I suppose that if there's bad news on the health end, I can stay here and try for school at the U. I think a fresh start would be fabulous, though. Especially in a place I've been hearing good things about since high school. Why should I deny myself living in a place of my choosing? I'm a freak like that. I can live on denial a long time. But I think as far as living arrangements, I'm done with living down because I'm scared. I want to go and, health providing, I will. I had a few hoops to jump through, but I have to thank my sister for jumping on board with the money. I really don't think it'll take that long to find a job. I've been fairly fortunate in that end. I'll be back to the Twin Cities for CONvergence. I'm such a social loser, though, I'll probably spend most of my time in my room or at vaslittlecrow's party. Eric, with all his anxiety issues, will likely be out there chatting and creeping people out more than I will. But I love hotels. And it will be good to relax.

Speaking of Eric and his own goings-on: Eric was filmed by some high school kids last week. They're taking a digital video class at school and one of the girls works at the coffee shop Eric frequents during the week when I'm at work. It's right across the street. She promised us a copy. Eric's all full of ideas about it. Don't tell me a flat affect means nothing is going on. He'll be staring into space, but when I ask him: "You alright?" He doesn't hesitate to offer: "I've never had 30 people listen to me before. I hope they use my music." The kids are in a class of 30. It's cute. He gave them all sorts of Reggae music to use as soundtrack for his portion of the movie.

At any rate, I'm going to go. Just came to Macalester to catch up on my E-mail. I noticed I haven't posted in a bit. I'm sure I'll post more details once things are more solid. If I'm out of here, I'll definitely have a countdown.

Best, all. Later. Hail, Eris.