February 20th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel


I have to cancel an appointment with my student dentist. I've got a more pressing health matter (hopefully nothing serious). I love my student dentist. She and I both have large, long tongues. She can touch her tongue to the tip of her nose. While I cannot, she always says I have one of the strongest tongues she's come across as she tries to wrangle it out of the way to get to my teeth.

"I can't help it! I'm really not telling it to move!"

I tell her after. We both laugh. At any rate, I always have a good time with her. It makes me sad I'll have to postpone my appointment with her.

I have been working for literally an hour of work time to try to find out if my doctor's appointment will be covered tomorrow by my crappy insurance through the temp agency. This sucks. I've spoken to the insurance people. I've spoken to the Dr's office iteself. I've spoken to the billing folks with the clinic the doctor works with. I've spoken with at least five different people back at the insurance company. Four of them were witnessed by someone with the billing company at the clinic. I had him conferenced in for part of this fiasco. He was impressed as well by the lack of customer service skills.

I also have to make an appointment to get my taxes taken care of for 2005. We'll see if I can do both in one day. I also have a better photo for my icon, thanks to the camera sent to me by cerulean_scars. I'll try to change that soon.

Is there anything worse than being on hold? Sure. Plenty. But it sure is annoying.