February 8th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

News you won't hear on Fox or CNN

Just because I know you won't hear about this on your evening news. The BEST AP SCORES IN THE COUNTRY! WHAT?! HOLLAAAAAaaa!!! There are so many ritzy suburbs and the CITY kids kicked butt.

At least those here and at blackfolk will know. I'm so proud of them.

For all the standing back and watching them 'fight it out', that interview that amoraj posted, I really wished that both Irshad Manji and her 'opponent' had seen that they both want more openness in Muslim nations (or at least that's the lip service I got) and that there is a component of Western power (*sigh* just trust me. More on that another time)that perpetuates the sense of being "stuck".

What do they have to do with my little brothers and sisters in Chicago? Well, I wanted to just share some *good* images, you know?

Now for something different, okay?

My family and our communications:

My sister (mother of four, unmarried, no degree and makes more money than I do as a Mortgage Specialist): I really need to do something different. I hate my job. I'm glad I decided to only go back part time after the baby, but I wish I could quit.

Me: You'll change it. I know you can work on it. Did you start the studying those books so that you can get certified (She wants to be a personal trainer and eventually own her own gym. Those who know me in person and my obvious lack of organized exercise may laugh. This is her dream, not mine).

My sister: I don't know. It would be easier for *YOU* to make time and get the studying done. I've got these kids and...Sometimes I wish I had made different choices.

Me: Well. Too late for that for either of us, right?

My sister: I don't want to hear that right now! I want to hear -"Poor M____"

Me: Awwww. Poor M____

Her kids are great. The oldest is taking 'enriched math' and the girl has a math workshop every Saturday at Northwestern University. She's a genius. I'm trying to connect her with my friend T (the one with the abnormally high IQ --well, his smarts are mostly in math). I think he would have a blast tutoring her. The next was quiet and shy but is now coming into his own. He takes photos with an odd yet impressive sense of composition. The younger boy is a ball of energy. And he is *quick*! At less than a year old, I was changing him and said: "Wow! FOUL emanations are coming from that buttocks!" He iggled raucously and repeated, perfectly: "FOUL hemma-hemma...BUTTOCKS!" I was rolling on the floor! I've never been one to talk down to kids. And I think he followed what I was saying. The youngest daughter I've met once. And she was sleeping, being a month old and all. We don't know what her talent is yet. I wouldn't say that I automatically have it better 'cause I'm 'free' to do something.

Short Talk w/My brother

My brother: Yeah.
Me: I talked to J__, Sh___'s husband. I don't know what's going on. His number showed up. Nobody said anything. Then he said Sh__ will call back --
My brother: Let me get this little boy to daycare (J, my oldest brother's child) and I'll holler back.
My brother: Don't worry: I'll figure out what's up. *click*

That's how we talk.

I also found out a great story no one told me until recently. My auntie slapped a nun! I laughed so hard. She was a teen. She was living with her older sister and her six kids (my mom). She was sent to a Catholic School. She came home early, red-faced and sullen saying she wasn't returning. My mom had already received the call that she slapped Sister ____. The woman dropped the N-bomb. *shrug* Things happen. LOL! I'm outta here!