February 6th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Denmark v.s. Islam redeux

I didn't have a chance to do this before. Here's a copy of a letter I wrote to Irshad Manji on the conflict. It's short and not detailed. I just wanted her to know that I respect her and would *love* to hear her opinion.

I was curious about voices of dissent, protest or even *discussion* in Islam. She is one. Fabulous lady and vigorous thinker. I wish her the best with her endeavor to re-open the Muslim world to discourse and free speech. She's got her book in downloadable form for access to it in countries that have banned it.

At any rate, here's my letter:

I'm not sure if you have an online discussion group or blog. I will search further when I'm done here.

I'm torn about the whole Danish cartoon thing and would love to hear your views. I have no issues with freedom of speech, though I'm not naive enough to think the individuals who did the cartoons (some are funny and offensive. Some are just offensive) didn't know folks would be upset. That said: upset is one thing, shooting and looting and bombing quite another. Also, all of Denmark didn't draw the cartoons. I'm disturbed by the flag-burning and hate. The flag burning would not be an issue for me if it was a matter of protest of Danish policy rather than outrage at the drawings of cartoonists who happen to be Danish.

At any rate, I loved your book. Keep up the good work.

Take care and have a fabulous day!

Lula-Neith Cache
Coffee Squirrel

I am an anar-CHIST!

Just a great bit from my online book club. Join if you care to at Yahoo groups: anarchy_mn_books. Just my attempt at self-education. The woman here, Doreen, has similar ideas of what anarchy can be. None of this adolescent random destruction crap (though the occasional rowdy rally can be fun) -- just ignoring and not participating in coportate systems if you can help it. It's also about giving people power over their lives at a grass roots level.

It's what I'm about: APPLICATION. Not rhetoric and jibba-jabba. For all my issues with Eric's dad, there are two reasons I don't mind him much:

1. He actually respects Eric.
2. He's an anarchist who owns three houses in an 'urban' area in Nashville. He calls it Nasvhille Greenlands. Folks go in and out. They pay a small amount or nothing for rent depending on how much they do around the houses: renovating, working in the garden, etc. He's got a nice little community going. They can fruit and veggies from their own garden. Their working on becoming self-sufficient.
3. His politics, in general, make sense to me.

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