February 4th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Quick Update

Nice interview with Lynda at the Museum of Russian Art. I got some inside info on an upcoming exhibit! Apparently the owner (Johnson) has been collecting Russian Art since the '80's. He's found some others who also collected. He found a guy who had been collecting *underground* art in Russia and has works from early 1900's to the 1980's. They're going to have a retrospective called "Soviet Disunion" paralleling both the 'approved' and underground art in Russia for the 20th century. Should be fabulous and fascinating. I can't wait. She was very nice. She told me that she wouldn't mind me working in front because I seemed like I would make folks feel welcome. This surprised me. I don't like to seem like an invader. I'm sensitive to 'colonizers' and colonizing. I have no issues with women, blacks or Russians wanting a space of their own or wanting to chose who represents what they choose to send out to the public. Turns out it's not a 'Russian Space'. The museum's owner is an American with a strong interest in Russian art. And once he opened it, a lot of Russians came to volunteer. Lynda (volunteer coordinator) nor the owner would have an issue with a little, Black chick minding the door.

That said, Lynda did mention (not pointedly --she was very nice) that one would have to dress up a bit to volunteer there in public spaces. This has always made me nervous -- 'dressing for success'. I will need help. Any volunteers to go shopping with me would be treated to lunch at Sisu (coffee shop across the street from my place). I've been meaning to get myself together anyway. The interview went well, though I was nervous and felt a bit out of place looking at Lynda with her fabulous scarf and plain, well made sweater. I think I could pull it off if I had the right few pieces.

Anyway, I also will have to post more on this later (I only have 8 minutes left), but please go out and have a Carlsbad beer for me. Support Denmark as they try to support freedom of expression in their country. There's been a controversy about some political cartoons. I hope anthony_arndt doesn't mind -- as his journal is still public -- but please check out his entry on this issue and go to the denmark community. Both have links to a petition to show your support.

Thank you, roocat13 for dinner. I hope you had a great time last night. I may show up on my own tonight for karaoke. If not, have a blast! Better go. I've been warned to save my work! Damn library internet! I want more time! I may go to Macalester later.