January 30th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

The weekend.

28/29 January, 2006 2am

I am lost. I admit it freely. I’m just wanting and waiting. I’m a magpie and too many shiny things are pulling my attention. The Museum of Russian Art was beautiful. I would love to work there. I’m so grateful theperfumer joined me. As I wandered around, being a bit early for our meeting, a gentleman told me that he’d been to the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam. He declared that the collection at this museum rivals it, if not surpasses it. It was shocking and mysterious that a museum featuring Russian Art showed up here. Apparently there’s a gallery in Iowa somewhere that features beautiful Polish art. Why Iowa instead of Chicago, where there’s a huge Polish population? Who knows? I’m grateful, though. And I’m considering volunteering there. It would be nice to get a foot in the art world. I love the idea of helping people. Art is also one of my loves, though. The visit makes me want to draw and paint again. I love hanging with theperfumer. She's like taking a trip to Camp NaughtyBadFun where you can say and do what you will. I filled out the application to volunteer. I think if they call back I'll have to make time to do it. Need more beauty in my life. I'm considering placing a craigslist ad for a male muse who'll sit still for an hour and let me draw him for a few bucks an hour. I think it'd be worth the investment just for the release I get from drawing. And it's always nice to have an excuse to stare at people directly rather than sideways.
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