January 16th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel

Thank you!

For all who sent very nice birthday wishes, to those who called and those who wrote. It was much appreciated. I got a note from my supervisor. I don't read Russian, though. Can anyone translate?

"С днём рождения Вас, с днём рождения Вас, с днем рождения дорогие синие ботинки... С днем рождения тууо Вы!

Bill :-)"

Anyway, the movie was fabulous. Thank you SO much, roocat13 for showing up and joining me for a movie. I had a nice time, even if I was quiet. Just call me Innis. LOL! And when I do talk I sometimes interrupt and overcompensate. Anyawy, I'm grateful you came out. And thank you for the birthday wishes as well.

Now that I'm 36 years old, you'd think I should be finished with making decisions on a whim, or after being affected by a great movie. But they've turned out to be the best decisions, for the most part. I moved in with Eric after three weeks. He's kept me company for eight years. I moved to Nashville on a whim. I moved here to Minnesota. Now I'm gonna make another move on a whim. Seems to be the story of my life. Besides: anything that gets me closer to self-sufficience and doing something I can believe in. Well. The first two moves had to do with Eric. And I don't regret them. This one is all mine. I'm going to start out in debt, but what's new about that? I'm in debt now. At least I'll be making a move to be at a place where I can whittle it down.

Heath Ledger's character affected me deeply. I don't want to be at the end and not have done one or two things for myself alone. Eric wants to come. All the better. I'm done equivocating. So there.
Coffee Squirrel


I'm beyond pathetic. Now I'm developing a crush on my supervisor. I'm sure it'll go away. How dare he write a goofy note in Russian and treat humanely a woman who hasn't had sex in five years! Damn him. And he's tall...