January 10th, 2006

Coffee Squirrel


My sister agreed to co-sign for a loan. Of course, getting what you want really involves a lot of responsibility. I'm going back and forth, now. Her only caveat was that I not be late on a payment. Ever. This is understandable as it took her ages to get her credit back up to respectable levels. She told me to think it over, work out what money I may need for the move, and let her know by this weekend.

Is there anyone willing to listen to me hash this out? I don't want to screw up my sister's credit. But I also don't want to put off school any longer than I have to. I'm thinking I'll do it. I don't generally have a hard time finding a job. Then again, these aren't the best times for jobs for old and unskilled folk like me. I have a BA, but it's meant nothing so far. I also know that I haven't pushed very hard to get into. There's sort a shift in priorities during times like these. Publishing isn't an easy field to break into in the best of times, let alone during a war/recession environment. And my BA is in Fiction Writing.

Any takers to work this out with me? Those who aren't around in person, please feel free to E-mail me and I'll send you my number so we can chat on the phone. In the meantime, I've got a lot to think about...