December 29th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

Why can't I work in the Warehouse?!

We get a new co-worker next Wednesday! I cannot wait. They may agree to change my schedule so that I can come in earlier and leave earlier. This would be good.

Dumbass is still waving her paperwork and being obnoxious and having the warehouse people come to her cube and pick it up, rather than bringing it to the bin. I guess she's desparate for someone to talk since I'm done with her except to discuss work. A guy who had a last day a couple of weeks ago shared with us why he was leaving. She shared this with another co-worker who was kind, but made a show of it. Then she gave him a completely inappropriate send off. I actually talked to this guy later and said that I hadn't said anything or wished him luck because it was his info to give. He thanked me; he felt slightly annoyed by it, but was fine. Collapse )