December 28th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

How I spent my Christmas Day

25 December, 2005

I didn’t go to my mom’s house. I stayed home and watched horror movies for Christmas. I finished reading Midwives, one of the books I got for 35 cents in Portland. And now I'm watching a special on the Chicago Bears of 1985 “Shuffle to the Superbowl”. It’s fascinating to me. There were so many characters. They won the Superbowl at a pivotal time for me. Anywhere I went I would shyly nod when asked “What about the Bears?” It amazes me what gives us a sense of pride, even when the only connection is geographical. I wasn’t even a great fan of football – I still think it makes more sense for soccer to be called football -- but I couldn’t ignore my oldest brother’s booming voice shouting at the TV that season. I watched him like I watch all people: as if he were a dangerous panther. It was best to watch him and gather all the information you could before approaching carefully. I’d sit silently next to him soaking in what was happening on the screen. American football is such a huge business. And the Bears are back in it this year. I have nothing against events that instills a sense of pride, that makes a grown man hug another and that connects a group together. Not nationalism, just a sense of identity and claiming that won’t let you defame what you love. There’s got to be a way to carry that beyond the stadiums, though. There’s also the other edge to that sword. During the Chicago Bulls’ championship run – I’m not sure which win, but they were playing Utah – Eric found a Utah Jazz jacket. We cleaned it and put it in the closet. It was during the last game of the championships that year. Eric mused allowed that had he gone outside with that jacket on with people pouring out of bars, proud of ‘their’ Bulls, he might have been killed and he didn’t even like sports at all and had no idea before finding the jacket that Utah had a basketball team. I couldn’t argue. Sports are weird. Eric hates them. The artist in me can't help but marvel at the physical skill. Collapse )