December 18th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

Move on

One of my weaknesses has moved to the foreground. I don’t think I can put it off any longer. Decisions must be made. I’m no good at the whole process. I put things off until they’re decided for me. Those I respect easily influence me. I’m never certain that I’m not making a choice to enforce loyalty or to ensure their comfort. I don’t just mean their physical or emotional comfort, though that’s a part of it. I also mean their comfort with my place in their lives. There are things I don’t discuss with my mother or my brother because I don’t want to change my place in their hearts. Realizing I’m not alone doesn’t make this easier. I feel close to my brother, though we have never had very loquacious interactions. He gets annoyed when I don’t tell him I’m having trouble. He tells me to call him for anything. He means it. I only take him up on it when I have no choice. I suppose there’s nothing to fix since our relationship isn’t broken. We don’t need the details. The one time I moved back home, he simply asked what time to get my things. He picked up my keys and moved my things. He never made me feel bad about how filthy the place was.

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Coffee Squirrel

Damn you and your white teeth, Condi!

I've been trying to avoid political entries. I'm no expert. I do, however, feel I have a right and a need to participate when folks are supposed to be representing me. I just updated about the trip to Portland, from notes I wrote earlier. I watched this earlier today.

I am really annoyed that there's any question that Bush overstepped. For whatever reason. I'm so sick of this whole offended stance at the fact that it was outed. Yet where's the outrage over Karl Rove outing and possibly endangering a real person with a name and a face and suffering no reprocussions from it? There are steps that need to be taken in a 'free' soceity before invading homes, phones and E-mails for *whatever* reason. Don't probe me and tell me it's for my own safety. I thought that Republicans were supposed to be about *less* government? To their favor, there are more and more in that party getting annoyed with his antics. I'm done with the Dems, too. What have they done but respond to these outrageous things? Make a move, dammit! I'm going to get more into the Greens. I'm so tired at voting for who's been bought at the highest price.

Also, why was there a question whether to use torture? How can you denounce another nation when you're willing to use the same tactics. Time and again, there are studies showing torture doesn't get you much more info than forceful interrogation. What's the price of the info you get that way? I can't remember who suggested it, but I agree that the tainting caused by the very fact of receiving info from authorized torture sort of makes it less valuable.

Okay. I'm done.
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I want to try again next week to see "Brokeback Mountain". Closeted gay men bought out all the tickets online LOL! It was sold out when vaslittlecrow and I got there Friday. Dang it. Perhaps a matinee next Saturday or Sunday...