November 7th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

No special powers. Damn it. I wish I were special...

You scored 77%!
You're human. Plain and simple flesh and blood. Besides maybe being skilled as a carpenter, you don't have much going for you. All your friends seem to have some sort of power, either a slayer, or a demon, or a witch. All you have are rocks and long sticks. How much fighting can be done with those? You do have a big heart though. All of your friends rely on your moral support and friendship. They wouldn’t go far without you.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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Coffee Squirrel

A Little Country

I just found "Just Because I'm a Woman". It's a CD of Dolly Parton's songs interpreted by other women artists. Very nice. Listening to three of the songs specifically, I was just blown away by Dolly's talent and by the way she was interpreted (Me'Shell N'DegeOcello and Sinead O'Connor each do one!). Most say they like all music but country. And there is much country I don't like. Dolly, however, has always held my interest. She's got skills.

There's a power in pain. Dolly knows this. The songs I love the most involve pain. The first, the classic "Jolene" reminds me of how I feel all the time around women. There's not a fear of the loss of my guy, but a sort of knowledge that there was something they were handed that I can't work with yet -- even at my advanced years

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I feel that stab everytime I have some guy ask me what my sister is like or if my cousin has a boyfriend.

The next song that put a fist through my chest was "Little Sparrow". Makes me feel like I'm involved in Appalachia -- without the getting shot or lynched part. Beautiful. I can hear the distant lochs of Scotland and the glens of Ireland in the voice of whoever sings this song...

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Finally, there was "The Seeker". There are some who would balk at its seemingly overt Christianity. I don't see it that way. I see it as a search for divinity in all who cross your path. I always have a sense of awe whenever anyone feels they can talk to me. Not necessarily in a vampiric way; or if so, my veins are open as well. Anyway:

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Anyway. That's all. Just thought I'd share some fun country songs.
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