October 31st, 2005

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By the way: I was VERY serious about getting someone human in here to work with me. If you know of anyone that is familiar with Data Entry work and lives in the Twin Cities area, send them my way. The Dumbass co-worker is off the chain: She's loud. She's ruined plans and made things difficult for a guy who was willing to give me a ride at *least* three times by not returning after an appointment or calling in "sick" (which even my supervisor is dubious about at this point, especially when we found an e-mail about some event that same night that she left on the printer. Dumbass). She repeats herself at least three times as if no one heard her. She's obnoxious. She's gone psycho, verbally, on at least three people that I know of. I don't know why she's still here. Just unprofessional; and I have *never* heard of *anyone* who has been in administration for 20 years -- as she claims -- who needs to write a *note* to themselves to remember to put their completed work in a bin. I think she does it so she can get attention and people have to come to her desk to get their work. She can't walk and chew gum at the same time. And she wonders why I have a hard time dealing with her. Sad.

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Well. I have another review for tomorrow! It's going to have to wait. I'm trying to keep up on the work. I know that my co-worker's minds are elsewhere since one gave notice and another has a daughter starting her first job tonight. There's no excuse for Dumbass, though. As usual, she's whispering on the phone and putting her E-mails before the work on the printer. Enough bitching. I better get to it.

Watch out, Jim Knipfel, I'm coming for you!
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