October 28th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

Does this sound weird to anyone else:

I was on the first of my buses to get to work. I hear the tinny strains of my cell phone. I see an area code that I know I should recognize. I hit the green button and ask: "Hello?" at least 3 times. Then I hang up. Something nags at me. I call the number back and get an outgoing greeting from a machine or voice mail that I don't immediately recognize. I hang up, figuring the caller had a wrong number.

A minute later someone calls. The caller is from that same area code. There is a cadence and weird syntax to his speech that is familiar. Then he asks: "Do you know S___?" "This is her aunt. J__, is that you?" (J being her husband) "Yeah. Hey, Aunt Lula. S__ is sleeping. I'll have her call you later." "Oh. Okay. Talk to you later."

I sit with this a while. Now, normally this would pass by me. I had a weird moment with my niece at the family reunion, though. She was out by the pool, looking sad. I sat next to her and asked what was going on.

"J__ was making me feel bad because I had MD (my mom) watch the kids for a minute. It's not like we do this all the time! And earlier he said I was showing off because we're here with my family..."

"SHOWING OFF?!" Then I calmed myself. No need to (figuratively) show my ass at a reunion (This is a laugh as it can be like the biannual exposing of the buttocks). I just told her: "Well that doesn't sound right. I hope this is a one-time issue. He can watch the kids, too. They're HIS, too. Look, if anything gets out of hand, you call me, okay? Call me or your Aunt M or your Uncles. ANYTHING gets out of hand, you CALL, alright?"

She agreed. But fast-forward up to this morning. I have questions:

1. If she was sleeping, who called me the first time?
2. If she called me, how was she asleep two minutes after calling me?

Anyway. I called my brother B. I was going to call my sister, but she just had child number four and is still in the hospital (Yeah. I'm an aunt for the 15th time. Hey: does anyone, by the way, know a pretty girls name that starts with A that might go with the middle name Layla?). Now my brother B is fabulous. He looks after everyone. He has a little hanging air-freshener thing in his car that says: "A Father's Love Knows No Bounds". He means this. He means this in every way possible. He looks after his nieces and nephews better than their fathers do. So, I called him. I told him the deal. He said: "Let me drop L'il J at Day Care. I'll call and find out what's up". Now, if there is anything wrong, I would NOT want to be my niece's husband (My brother had her when I was 14 in case you're wondering how I have a niece that's married). It would not be pretty. And I might like to ride down to Memphis with him and watch and get a few kicks in myself. If there's nothing wrong, I don't want to be an instigator and scare my niece from sharing with me.

I just want to get opinions. Was I right to call in the cavalry (being my brother)? Has anyone had close experience with abusive relationships? Was I right that this guy's behavior at the reunion and the weird-ness of the calls this morning are red flags? I'll let you know what I hear when my brother calls me back.
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Coffee Squirrel


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Coffee Squirrel


Does anyone need an office job? Do you have a car? Would you be able to get to Bloomington everyday? PLEASE, PLEASE go to Spherion Staffing and ask specifically to get placed here at Ikon Office Solutions in Bloomington (at 90th and Penn). The woman I like has given her two weeks notice. I cannot be in the back section alone with Dumbass for hours at a time. I need a human being here! Help a sister out. If you can do data entry, call the Bloomington location of Spherion Staffing NOW! NOW! And keep me company!

That is all.
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Coffee Squirrel

My niece called

She said she thinks her husband accidentally hit my number on the phone. Okay. Why not just say: Hi. It's J___ I accidentally called you? Oh, well. Perhaps this is just a nudge for me to keep a closer eye on my niece.

At least this time, nothing is wrong.
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