September 6th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

Samhain in Couer d'Alene

Idaho was a dark horse. It was one of the tickling ideas in the back of my mind. So now I've got it in my heart and head to be there on Samhain. It'll be most of the way to Eugene. My brother won't mind stopping overnight on the 30th. I've checked prices at the Days Inn and Sleep Inn. We'll look around Couer d'Alene on 31 October. Then we'll leave and hit Eugene early Nov 1st and get myself moved in, get my brother to the airport in Portland the next day or so. Perhaps he'll help me find and old car first. And my new life will begin.

What crazy things do I have in store for myself aside from the already crazy idea of going back to school at 35?

1. Finally take up a martial art
2. Get used to riding Macha in the mountains
3. Take singing and guitar lessons and start a band (laugh. That's the point. I might get somewhere on the novelty of my fronting a band alone. Then when it comes to light I have no talent and am not precocious but *old*, I'll have resettled in another country having gotten my nursing training)
4. Hire and keep on a math tutor, so as not to expose my ennumeracy (oops!). Seriously. I calculate at the level of a 10 year old. Younger maybe.
5. Lose weight and pass for 19. I know it can be done.

vaslittlecrow, would you want to try the fundraiser thing again in spring when I have the first actual issue of my magazine? How about it? I could come for a long weekend. Perhaps Eric and I can camp up there if it's warm enough?

Well. Enough madness.
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