September 4th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

My uncle is fine!!!

I'm just now getting here to Macalester to get online. My uncle is fine. Here's why he rode it out: He's got a new lady friend. He's got his house in New Mexico on the market and was considering moving to Slidell to be with her. She's a nurse. She felt she had to stay. A lot of nurses from her hospital stayed. He stayed with his lady. That's as noble a reason as any. He was let in by the neighbors upstairs when the water got to his waist (he's 6'1" folks). His girl was safe at her hospital. They didn't get it quite as bad as New Orleans proper.

I'm breathing a sigh of relief and can now end my storm rants for a bit. Thanks for all the good wishes. vaslittlecrow, thanks for your call, catching me after I got the good news. I hope yesterdays rain didn't hit you and Loki too bad. And thanks for the link that I will send to my sister. I'm sure there might be other relatives. I'm glad for the mayor of New Orleans' attitude now: enough press conferences -- get these people some food! That said, I'm still annoyed at him and others for not being leaders and implementing an evacuation plan double time *before* the storm hit. But then, I've never had that kind of responsibility and perhaps am speaking out of turn. You would think there could have been more preventative measures taken, though -- even if the levee wasn't repaired.

That said, I smell rank. I've been riding my bike. Macha (my bike) got another unexpected shower when due to my laziness she was left out in the rain yesterday. She's riding fine, though. I must go home and clean. Then do laundry. Then shower. I just came from the bookstore. I bought a book: "A History of the Vikings" by Gwyn Jones. Magnus Magnusson gives it a thumbs up on the cover. If he likes it, with a name like that, I'm hoping it's good and readable. Any of my Asatru and history buff buddies read it? It's time for a good book and some quiet time. Yesterday, I turned the channel from news to an "Andy Griffith" rerun because I'd had enough. Now I'm going to read and listen to Eric trying to teach himself Dutch with his CDs...
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