September 2nd, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

On virtual community

Man. Word travels fast. Issues of coverage of the storm is being addressed! I like that I can have this tool to communicate. Luddite that I am, I admit when something is useful. It's the Capricorn in me. We all have needs. I'm not into denying others the basics. That said, as annoying as I find some aspects of conservative politics, I have to admit to being "fiscally conservative" myself. I see no need to spend money on a new stadium when we have a working one. I also don't understand the hypocrisy of asking Native Americans to give their casino money because you can't balance the budget *pawlenty*. Excuse me. I also see investing in your citizenry as *saving* money in the long run. Whatever. I'm done with all the rhetoric. And I have never had issues with giving credit -- even occasionally when it wasn't due. I love when people share info with me.

We knew New Orleans was going to be bad. There were plans to fortify the levees. They were cut, deemed less important than sending folks somewhere else. I'm still waiting to hear from my uncle. He decided to stay. Others stayed because there was no time or money for bus/train/plane tickets and they had no car. Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm nervous in that small part of my brain that concentrates on my uncle. I'm thinking about my Albuquerque trip and us singing country songs together in his monster truck. I know I make some people uncomfortable with my divided attention. With my undivided attention, I wouldn't be here at work for thinking of him. I don't need another death this year. If there is one, I may need your help.

More storm stuff if you can take it:

It's nice of Bush, by the way, to take a stroll on Air Force One. Three days after the storm. His dad and Clinton went over in person after the Tsunami. On the ground.
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