August 29th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

A couple of movie recommendations, Call for minions, an Eric moment

Have you seen "Unforgiveable Blackness"? That PBS special on Jack Johnson? No? Go rent it. Now. It's okay. I'll wait right here...
I have a movie on my mind from years ago. It gets sophmoric. It gets goofy. But it hits the right emotional notes for the portrayal of a young, married couple "I Like it Like That" is the name. The lead lady has a soft, sweet face and a sailor's mouth. Gotta love her. And. Griffin Dunne. I'll wait for you to rent that one, too. Let's see. What else might you like? How about "Strange Days"? It came out ages ago. I had the pleasure of seeing it in a theater. It's not perfect, but the riot scenes still give me chills. And. Angela Bassett kisses Ralph Feinnes! Yes!

Okay. Down to business: Anyone and Everyone willing to help me put flyers out, please do E-mail me. In case you forgot: is the address. You'll get both a PDF file and a big, juicy e-kiss sent to you. You will print out the file and copy either in green or yellow (why? because I said so!). You can shrink 'em and do two per 8.5 X 11 page, cut 'em and ask to leave them at coffee shops, book stores, etc. I would appreciate any and all help. And I'm not asking you to do what I won't do. This week I will be doing plenty of plastering myself. And if you have a yahoo account and can sign on for yahoo messenger, we can IM while I'm at work! I know, I'm a luddite and it took me ages to talk myself into signing up for it, but I love it. And *you* could be the contact to keep me from gouging my eyes out from the boredom!

Eric and I were at a bar Friday. We had finished "Soldier of Orange" with Rutger Hauer. He told me about a time he was outside Rotterdam and found an old helmet. He was homeless when he lived there. Homeless folks find things. And they keep them. He wore it for a week before losing it. He put a bag over it when it rained; it kept him dry. He wondered what the strange looks were. He said: "You know, seeing that movie I think it may have been a German helmet. No wonder." I nearly fell off my bar stool.

On that note, I take my leave. Peace, suckas!
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