August 16th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

Okay. You can disagree with the moms, but to shoot near them??

Midnight Raid Demolishes Soldiers' Memorial At Camp Casey
Stand Up With Cindy Against This Intimidation
The peace movement is standing up.
Click here to join a vigil taking place in your community this Wednesday.

Dear LaTonya,

Last night a pickup truck dragging chains ran over the rows of white crosses on the side of the road next to Cindy Sheehan's vigil in Crawford, Texas.[1] And you probably already saw the news yesterday about President Bush's neighbor firing a shotgun into the air trying to scare the mothers of fallen soldiers who have gathered around Cindy.

Cindy and the other moms in Crawford have vowed to stay, and now a neighboring rancher, who is a veteran, has offered them some of his nearby land if they need it. He is standing up. Tomorrow night all of us can do the same, at more than a thousand candelight vigils across the country.

Here's a page listing the vigils planned near you:

(If you don't see one near you, sign up to host. All it takes is a candle and a box of matches.)

The spirit of that rancher in standing up in his own pro-Bush community is the sort of spirit against the war that is growing across America. Tomorrow's vigils for Cindy Sheehan will be your chance to do the same. By standing together we will show the president and the media that our nation is against this war.

Thank you for supporting peace,

Duane Peterson
TrueMajority Coordinator is a grassroots group which envisions a nation where people care about their fellow citizens, and together enjoy freedom and broad prosperity. We believe participating in an effective government is the best way to be mutually responsible for our community., 191 Bank Street, Third Floor, Burlington, VT 05401
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