July 28th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

Bracing for Family

I'm certain I've forgotten something. And my eye feels swollen and itchy. It hasn't been crusted shut, so it's not pink eye. I hope this doesn't bode ill for the trip. I'm going anyway, of course. I'm hoping that Eric was awake in time for the blood guy (T___ the guy who draws the blood for testing. A requirement when one is on Clozaril). He comes every two weeks and is very nice -- and a good stick. Eric doesn't even flinch. But if Eric sleeps through his scheduled blood draw too many times, he'll have to go out to some Center in BFE to get his blood drawn. Not good. Eric's been good about making sure he doesn't sleep through the door buzzer. Damn. Still got to get those papers signed for his and my Living Will and Regular Will.

Well. I'll barely have enough cash to last me this weekend. When I get back from New Orleans, I must look over my finances. Perhaps I'll even go to a professional to help me come up with a reasonable budget. The compulsive food-buying is just getting out of hand. I have to learn to cook, then BK won't be nearly so... damn... tempting...

Happy plane ride thoughts, everyone. Happy family-getting-along thoughts! Smiles, everyone, smiles! We're off to New Orleans. And I gotta get a disposable camera.
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Coffee Squirrel

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I really want an Asian Sensation bag!
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