July 20th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

Swarms and Nightmares

This is not cute anymore. There were still bees. I killed four. Three were still buzzing in the bathroom. I kept the door closed so they wouldn't be racing around the rest of the apartment. I was late for work because I had to wait for the handyman (who was cute) to come by and spray again for bees. I couldn't shower-- because I didn't want to get stung -- until he came.

I had restless sleep because my mind interpreted the hum of the air conditioner as a swarm of bees angrily plotting in the walls; trying to find any aperature to come through and attack me. So I couldn't ride Macha (my bike) because it was raining. I didn't see the tall, pretty boy because I was late and had to catch a different bus. Lots of little annoyances. We'll see what happens tomorrow with the bees. There must be a nest in the walls. How disturbing!

That said, I can deal with annoyances. I'm feeling okay today.

I had a Tarot reading. The woman saw a lot of kids around me. Hundreds of kids. She must have seen my upcoming family reunion. Tell me something I don't know. I'm going to be lousy with the little rugrats. There is no real call for me to have one of my own. I have plenty of young minds to warp. I don't think little A will ever remove Freddy Kreuger from her personal mythos. She begged and begged to watch "Nightmare on Elm Street". Who am I to stop her. Yeah. I know. My sister yelled at me about it and rolled her eyes for a week: "Lettin' my little girl watch that mess! What's wrong with you?" I shrugged. I know I was wrong. But I saw "The Exorcist" when I was eight and nothing's...wrong...with...Damn. I was so wrong.
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