July 11th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

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I was smacked on the head by a madwoman I've known since I was in the fifth grade. She asked me why I'm so perverse and find reasons to keep myself from what I want. She said: "Three years is too long. I want your ass out of the country by your birthday if that's what you want." Who can argue?

What do I need training for? I figure if I'm unsure about being a nurse, why do it? I just liked the idea of being a Black American Discordian Psych Nurse in New Zealand. But the title would be cooler than the reality, I'm sure. I'm going to get Albuquerque set up as my home base. I may visit Eugene and check it out. I will be out of the country for the month of January. My New Year's and Birthday gift to myself. And Eric.

We'll go to Amsterdam first. Then I'll head to Denmark for this language thing for two weeks and hook up with eric again in Amsterdam. If he chooses to come back, he'll always have a home with me. If he doesn't, I'll come back here and work more temp jobs and then go to New Zealand as plain old me. And Eric's welcome there, too, if he goes psychotic again and has no place. His crazy blood relatives aren't speaking to him, so I'm his family. So there I'll be in New Zealand. No nursing credentials. No plan. What do I need a plan for? No one cares about my plans. Not even me.
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