June 10th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

now i've done it...

short update:

santa is no longer driving my second bus in the mornings. he must have to get ready for christmas. now we have a driver who was late for the first week. now we're on time. but the *third* bus in the morning is starting to have issues. again. what can you do?

in other news: the blind guy is back. he's alive! and he got a haircut. i don't like it. he looked sweeter when his hair was all wild and white. oh, well.

this morning, i thought i'd conjured up a crazy person from the past. i met him in college. yes, well-educated people have their own version of the insane. he wanted to start a cult with me. ME, of all people. well you know he's gotta be nuts. we would talk about our inevitable branch-davidian blow-out with the government. going out in a blaze of glory and all that. he let me hold a loaded gun. i was a virgin when i met him. he thought it was cute that i couldn't get laid. he wanted me to save himself for the cult and have kids for him. i think he was serious. i'm surprized i haven't heard about him on the news at all. anyway, i felt like i was dropped from a huge height when i saw this guy at the bus stop. i took a breath. luckily it wasn't him. but he looked at me. and he was off; i could see it in his eyes. anyway. i'm glad it wasn't jeremy. i don't need anyone who feeds my own insanity *that* much. does this mean because of the entry yesterday that i'll be

the guy who drives the first bus on the way *home* is a hottie. he always wears shades. when i leave the state, on the last day i ride with him, i'm going to ask him to show me his eyes. there are moments when i'm the only one on the bus. perhaps we'll pull over and i'll give him a going away gift. damn. i must be feeling randy today.

and there's THE BLONDE. i wait at the same stop with her in the mornings. she's beautiful. and has a stunning array of shoes and boots. anyway, i have plans tonight. possibly *two* plans. look at the formerly house-bound crazy go! i know eric gets bored and lonely. but he's been amusing himself with dumpster diving. he found some cool stuff, too. ah, well. better get to work.
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