June 5th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

the processing begins...

i knew it wasn't over. LOL! now eric's working out his feelings about his sister. it's amusing on some level to just listen and say: "i *know* you're a decent person. *yes* you'll be fine, boo! *absolutely* it's her loss! *yes* she does a lot of the things she accuses you of doing."

anyone with any experience w/those who have schizophrenia knows that things rattle around in their heads for a *long* time. and it takes a while to process perceived criticisms. i don't mind working it out with him.

anyway, i'm at the library. i'll write more at work tomorrow. but this is breaking news: i've decided to take the bus home and deal with getting home late. the woman who's been giving me a ride has issues. and i'm not going to be in the line of fire when she blows up. details later...
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