May 24th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel


i'm back in st. paul. here are some of the highlights from my trip:

climbing into my uncle's monster truck for the first time. it has a ledge along the side for stepping up and even with that i had to scramble a bit. it's *huge*!

a rambling ride to find the nursing school at unm. then having to go to TVI, a local community college to get some info on doing a few prereqs.

walking downtown albuquerque with eric and my uncle. there were lots of people. a couple of bands. passed by the kimo theatre. i heard it was haunted. my uncle laughed.

enjoying the air-conditioned room with eric as we listened to his music.

getting the continental breakfast the first morning. they only had muffins, fruit, french toast, danish and apple and orange juice. it got old after a while.

seeing a very nice apartment for only $515 a month including all utilities except gas and phone. there was a pool, a game room with pool tables, a "party room" with a bar and lots of sofas and tables.

going to santa fe with my uncle and finding out his deep, dark secret: he likes country music. we busted out a duet of "i got friends in low places" on the way back. we laughed our butts off. great fun.

wearing a bathing suit in public for the first time in at least 15 years. eric re-teaching me to float on my back and kick my feet. i eventually didn't even care that there were a couple of folks watching this lesson.

a cab ride w/a cool guy from bangladesh named tanvir. he was in the national guard. his dad is an engineer or something. he was so nice!

walking around to what little was within walking distance and finding a 7-eleven and loading up on junk food. catching a cab to see "star wars III". eric found it boring. he left a lot. i thought it was alright. back to the level it was before, even though that means horrible dialogue.

i had a nice, nice time.

i got your call theperfumer we should get together. welcome back, amoraj! can't wait to see you! hey, bringing_light, chowing on 'gator. hope it wasn't too rubbery. hi, vaslittlecrow. thanks for my comic -- *and* for designing the t-shirt! as the song says: "where my girls at?" we should all get together. soon. love to all.
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