May 16th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

too little time

i have to work fast. i wasn't able to update at macalester this weekend. their library was closed. no internet for Lula. here's the short version:

i went with eric to get him some black jeans from goodwill. we got three pair. the others are falling apart. and he needs clothes for the trip this week. at the suggestion of lunarchk i got myself a copy of "once more with feeling-singles 1996-2004" by placebo. i wasn't sure what i would say if i didn't like it, but i loved it.

"i'm in the basement
you're in the sky
i'm in the basement, baby
stop on by"

"alcholic kind of mood
lose my clothes, lose my lube
cruising for a piece of fun
looking out for number one
different partner every night
so narcotic -- out of sight
what a gas, what beautiful ass

and it all breaks down to role reversal...."

"i've never been an extrovert
but i'm still breathing."

"a friend in need is a friend indeed
but a friend with weed is better
a friend with breasts and all the rest
a friend who's dressed in leather"

"come back to me a while
change your style again
come back to me a while
change your taste in men"

how many times have i wished a guy could change his taste in women? what can you do? at any rate....

very fun. i love them. love them. i don't listen to the radio, really, except the occasional blurb from KFAI. i haven't been excited about music since high school or the beginning of college. the occasional song gets me, but never enough to buy a cd. i treated myself to something besides food and look what i get -- a great cd i can dance around to! and a couple of sweaters. and i *hate* shopping! but i'm glad i went. and i'm glad to finally know placebo.

i have so much more to say. so much more. but it's time to get back from my break. later, babies. i love you more than you love yourselves. you know that right? i would prove it to you all if you were here....
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