May 6th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

on a completely unrelated note...

i had my hair done last saturday. i had about five damaged inches cut. i had a relaxer done (sort of the opposite of a curly-perm for my caucasian "viewers"). the first night it looked fine. now it's started to do a weird sort of anne frank thing. she was a black woman, but i don't think she did the relaxer well. it's very wide at the bottom like a bell which points her not having spread the stuff evenly down the entire length of my hair. i should have eric take a photo so i can post it.

you know, every person who learns how to do hair should be trained on all *types* of hair. it seems a sort of denial of service for those w/black hair, especially in a metropolitain area like this. "supercuts" and "fantastic sam's" abound, but i've yet to find a person who can do black hair in those quick cheap places. i've even called ahead. so i'm left with expensive places (it cost me 90 freakin' dollars to get this done and it's already frizzed out on me) or find a friend with a talent for it. and we know how good i am at having regular contact with flesh and blood friends. or at least having them want contact with myself. sucks. i don't want anything special. just braid it or straighten it so i can wake up and go.

there was this one lady i worked with...she had a daughter who did my hair a couple of times. but would it be too weird to call her up after a year and say: "i'll *pay* your daughter to tame this 'fro!". the fact that's it's been over a year tells you how much this hair crap matters. but service does...

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