May 5th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

please show if you are in the twin cities!!

follows a copy of an invite to an arts fundraiser for bringing_light. do show if you can!!

Shiny! Friday Night Invite.

My dear friend ganuk has been kind enough not only to offer his house, make the banner above and to make a very small event with a few people into something more elaborate. For those who haven't tasted his cooking, you're in for a treat. He is a fabulous host. I will have my jewelry for sale. So for all of you who have been slacking off on treating your girlfriends, yourself, or your mom (you did remember mother's day right?) this is a good time to buy something handcrafted by a local artist. Priced from "cute thoughtful little gift" to "serious brownie points". My designs are known for their striking and intricate use of colour, texture, pattern and occasionally fragrance. I use glass, gemstones, vintage beads and natural components to create wearable art. I am also available to repair or revamp jewelry. Grandma's old necklace broken? Bring it over. Only a few beads left or you're not fond of the design? Let me do a custom revamp.

And can I just say that the phrase, "bring the love that folds" gave me quite the chuckle?

The info, feel free to repost and bring friends:

That’s right come out and party for the Arts. Hosted by my self with all Proceeds going to our good friend and local artist Lucinda. There will be games, movies, food, and Art to buy at really great deals so bring the love that folds and have some fun for a cause.

May-06-2005 7 pm
1617 Charles Ave.
St Paul, MN 55104

for more info call 651-226-4040
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Coffee Squirrel

thursday thoughts

each weekday morning, i watch a blind man make his way down 2nd ave. toward 8th street in minneapolis. it fascinates me. he uses a cane. he doesn't wear sunglasses. he holds his bag to his chest with his free arm and his pretty shock of white hair blows in the wind.

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