April 1st, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

up and down and round'n'round...and UP!

let's start with wednesday. it was cool and rainy. i caught the bus to edina or bloomington or some such suburb to meet with the temp agency folks. then i had to go pee in a cup for the drug test. i was told it was ony around the corner. the idiot must have forgotten that i don't have a car. i walk down american blvd to france ave. i turn right onto france, trying to keep track of the numbers as i'm pelted with cold, dirty rain. i keep going a few blocks, aggravating my ear infection (i still don't have full hearing in my right ear. must make doctor's appointment). i think the numbers are getting larger. i turn back. the rain and cold are too much and i couldn't see three feet in front of myself. i walk into a random building and ask where the address is. a very nice woman tells me it's about 15 blocks away!

the upside is, this woman who didn't know me from eve was kind enough to say: "wait here a minute until a___ gets back. i'll drive you". i pull out "girl with the pearl earring" and begin to read. her coworker returned. we talked about the book. we talked about the film. we talked about the fact that she was at *her* job for a year and had been placed through a temp agency. then we were at the medical center near southdale mall. she even asked if i needed more money for the bus. i said: "no. your taking me here was more than enough. i really appreciate it." she wished me luck and that was it. nothing weird. no preaching to a captive and beholden audience. nothing sexual. just a human being helping another. i've bought strangers dinner. i've given rides. it's nice to see some good karma come back from a *stranger*. it was really nice. i remember where her office building is. i hope i have time someday to take her a single flower and a thank you card. offer her lunch or something. ah, the milk of human kindness.

so i peed in a cup. and the day got better from there. i got a cheeseburger from burger king since it was nearly noon and i had been on the move with no breakfast since eight that morning. i caught the bus from southdale mall to downtown minneapolis. beautiful ride past lake harriet. i was going to be late for my volunteer time at KFAI radio station, but there wasn't anything i could do.

when i got there, the volunteer coordinator offered to buy me a cranberry juice. i *love* cranberry juice. she showed me what to do and went to run errands and get my juice. she complimented my work when she got back. then i had another project that i worked on with L__, another volunteer. he was great. he had traveled a lot and was really inspiring. we made the background of the bulletin board look like the swedish flag. i got the colors mixed up with the flag for the faroe islands. i thought it was blue and yellow, but it turned out that was sweden and not the faroese flag.*shrugs*

i went home. i got a call from ken pentel!!!! we talked for half an hour as he explained how i could help the green party. it was SO nice. i can't get over how *kind* and *human* he was! and *so* smart. i remember a high-school aged co-worker at a coffee shop. this girl was political, funny and waved her geek flag proudly. it gave me hope since a lot of teens i've encountered are slack jawed, inarticulate and have no hopes but to get a copy of "grand theft auto: san andreas" that they can play twelve hours at a stretch *rolls eyes*. anyway, when i told her i was volunteering to put out flyers for his run for governor, this girl squealed: "ken pentel?! i *love* ken pentel! he is SO gonna be my baby-daddy". we giggled. secretly, though, i was thinking: "slow your roll, child. he's gonna be MY baby-daddy". and look at THAT! mr. pentel calls ME! at home! and he wasn't just ranting about ideology -- he was *human*. he sympathized with my healing from an ear infection that i didn't have the insurance to treat. when do you get THAT from a politician? so i'm all excited and gung-ho to help the greens now. *blushes* i would be *really* embarrassed if ken pentel ever read this. but intelligence and a certain way with people is a potent and rare combination to me. i've met a lot of folks who are smart yet have no clue when it comes to people. what good is having a powerful idea if you can convey it in a compassionate way that inspires response, connection and action in others?

the next day, i went to see "stomp: world beat" at the science museum with brian. i loved it. it reminded me of how much i love to dance. i only do it at home. i get self-conscious now when dancing in public. i can't get past how i must look when i dance, the david lynch effect. what can you do?

at any rate, i get home. i dance to eric's music. i leave a message for the temp agency. i called again this morning. they said to show up monday! it's long term and i'll get paid $11 an hour. not much, but it's the highest pay i've had since my office job! i'm excited about everything but the fact that it'll take time to get used to full time. that and the fact that i'm still not 100% well yet and i'm on the last two days of my antibiotics. but hey...

i got a job! woo-hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

eris, you crazy bitch...thank you! (and give me my hearing back, if you don't mind)

"good news for a change
you see the life i've had
could make a good man turn bad
so please please please
let me, let me, let me
let me get what i want this time!"
-the smiths
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