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Angelic Fruitcake

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March 28th, 2005

so. that explains it... [Mar. 28th, 2005|10:46 am]
Angelic Fruitcake
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |click of keyboard]

You're One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!

by Ken Kesey

You're crazy. This has led people to attempt to confine you to a safe
place so that you don't pose a danger to yourself or others. You feel like you pose a
great danger to the man (or maybe the woman) or whatever else is keeping you down. But
most of the time, you just end up being observed. Were you crazy before you were

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sick and productive. what do you know... [Mar. 28th, 2005|11:13 am]
Angelic Fruitcake
[mood |sicksick]
[music |click of keyboard]

i'm feeling a lot better today. well enough to come outside, apparently. i am not in pain anymore, though i haven't had all the hearing return to my right ear. what can you do? i'll let the anibiotics do their thing.

i have written a letter that i need to print and sent to politicians about universal health care. i've volunteered to do some work for the green party. i have a job set up for tomorrow through my temp agency and possibly another two-week gig after that. no more pizza joint, i hope! they don't pay a whole lot, but it's enough. i need to save. i might get out of town sooner than i originally planned.

i have to use up the credit i have left over from cancelling the europe trip before november. i may just use it to find a place in new mexico or oregon before renting a truck and hauling my butt there to resettle. possibly this fall. we'll see.

anyway, i feel pretty productive. i have to call schools in both states. i was encouraged by a friend that i am NOT an idiot and that i could pass the GRE exams if i read up first. she says it's a matter of learning tricks and being prepared. she said they are expensive, though. a couple hundred bucks, which is a LOT of money right now.

i wanna waste some money and see "sin city" though. how stupid is that. i love benicio del toro. he's so tasty. and the promos look good. but then, it's advertising. they're supposed to. would it be a waste of money that i'd regret, or a waste of money and a good time? who knows?

i gotta go to the bank to get a direct deposit slip for my temp agency. then i gotta get home and do some laundry. mundanity calls.

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