March 3rd, 2005

Coffee Squirrel


welcome folks! as everything seems so random and...uncontrollable lately, why not play on that? let's make a game show of it. YOU at home get to decide my fate.

perhaps i was too old. perhaps too dysfunctional to be trusted with high school kids (tee, hee). who knows. but i was NOT accepted into "teach for america". let's move on, shall we? i have five places that i'm considering. i like a few of the people i met here in minnesota more than i like minnesota itself *shrug* no kids, no pets, only my eric. and it's up to him if he wants to come. if he doesn't, i'll arrange things for him to stay here. but he says he's in for the ride. his sister isn't talking to him anymore, so he's got nothing here, either.

that said, here are the five places up for grabs, five cities that have no idea what's in store -- and neither do i:

*Eugene, OR (seems like a front-runner: laid back people, really green so i hear)
*Gallup, NM (or there abouts. just 'coz "teach for america" didn't want me doesn't mean new mexico is off limits, right?
*Vermont (Burlington, maybe? we'll see. it's pretty. it's small. easy access to big city)
*Maine (Portland, we're thinking. big water, green land, easy access to boston, nyc, etc)
*Boise, ID (no, this is not a joke. this is the dark horse. eric's actually been there. says it's green and purdy. we'll see)

those are the places. those are the reasons. we'll be waiting by the phones for those votes to come pouring in! our lives are on the line, people! make your voices HEARD!

*just kidding. but we will seriously consider and good arguments for one of the above places. let us know!
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Coffee Squirrel

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