March 2nd, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

The sound of dreams crashing

well. as nick cave said: "...and then the hammer came down". i got my rejection letter from "teach for america". it looks like i'll be moving to eugene. i was hoping to get in. i was already having visions of living small town life, hot native american boys, walking under the big new mexico sky and teaching navajo girls to kick some literary ass. what can you do? they even had the foresight to say: and don't bother us about the specifics -- we go over all our applications thoroughly. there are too many of you to respond individually.

*sigh* that's disappointing. and it doesn't help that i'm zoned from the *long* interview and testing process i just endured. AGAIN. it turns out the place i had the interview with is a company that places people temp to perm. *shrug*. i figure it couldn't hurt to try them. now what are my options? i could stay here in minnesota (what for?). i can move to eugene. i can go back to chicago (NOT). i could try another state i've been thinking of: Maine, baby! might be fun, but i don't know what their job scene is like. can't be worse than here, i suppose.

i better go. i don't want to dwell on it too much. but it is annoying. and i do wish someone there could tell me WHY they didn't think i could do it...
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