March 1st, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

thanks again, rurounitj!

a photo has been attached to my journal for better or worse. looks like worse, eh? nah. i was staring into the sun. my eyes look all craggy when i don't really have wrinkles. i've got john kerry eyes. nooo -- i AM zelda rubenstein. and that's alright with me. tee, hee.

well. i may or may not change it later. it's useful, tho. scares off people.

the interview went well. not sure how the personality test went, though. i hate that we've come to the point where folks are basing their hiring trends on psycho-babble rather than trusting the judgment of the person doing the interview. i guarantee that the computer personality survey doesn't get you a better guess at who will be a good employee. just who is better at saying what folks want to hear. we'll see if i was any good at that myself. the lady i spoke with in person was nice enough, though. i hope they base it on our interaction rather than statistics. we'll see. they said they'd call...

yet again, rocketllama has posted something inspiring. i'm amped, but not sure what to do with the voltage. gonna find something that doesn't cost money. or...i could just go home and curl up next to eric. i didn't sleep well last night as i was worried about the interview. and i've got another one tomorrow.

i still haven't heard from "teach for america". knowing my status with them will give me some direction as well. let me know how long to hang onto whatever job i get.

my brothers back in the hospital. he had a fever. could be pneumonia. could be an infection at the site where they drained his abdomen of fluid. they aren't sure. planning on checking in with my mom when i get back. i hope to get to chicago next week, whether i'm hired or not. they'll have to wait a week. ya gotta have priorities. and a job has never been mine, even though i've always had one. it's just been for money. does that make me a whore? practical? a sell-out? all three? i don't know what i want to do. i know i'm tired of jobs that don't mean anything. i wouldn't mind non-profit, but it's certainly not a time where they'd be doing a lot of hiring. i want my outsides to match my insides. too much to ask? is it time to shave my head again? i don't know what to do with my hair anyway.

can you be green and humanist and discordian and feminist and socialist AND anarchic at the same time? sure. come in. have some tea and a smoke. let me show you how...
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